Rainbow Flowers Imports is the premiere farm-direct source for exceptional fresh cut flowers!.

Rainbow Flowers Imports has been providing exceptional fresh flowers to our customers for nearly four decades. We offer a variety of cut flowers and roses that have been carefully inspected and flown in directly from the highest quality farms in Ecuador and Colombia, as well as many more countries world wide.

At Rainbow Flowers Imports, we stand behind our products knowing the farms we import from only grow the highest quality flowers. Our quality control methods are in place every step of the way.

Why RFI?

  • We tailor to the needs of our customers in ways that set them apart in the use of floral arrangements.
  • We have access through high quality growers to provide any unique & cutting edge variety of flower.
  • We offer quick turnaround time.
  • We offer not only quality but value.
  • We stay on top of latest trends and varieties, great for any bride.

About Us

The story of Rainbow Flowers Imports begins nearly half a century ago, when childhood friends Jamie Cannon and Ken Lee shared a love of baseball on the same Little League team. The friendship continued and after college the two decided to go into the farming business together. Jamie Cannon brought years of family farming experience to the operation and Ken Lee used his financial knowledge and banking expertise to help the start-up company flourish.

Farming over 300+ acres in Ruskin, Florida, they tilled the soil, planted the seeds and cultivated the land, while experiencing first hand the vigorous process of producing 12 different varieties of fresh cut flowers. All in all, Rainbow Flowers Imports provides each customer with confidence required, in order to completely fulfill all desires!

As the business of fresh flowers expanded, the company progressed into importing flowers beginning in 1992. A couple of years later, Rainbow Flowers focused all of its efforts on importing flowers from Ecuador moving its main office to Tampa as well as opening two additional offices in Miami and Ecuador to oversee the process of selecting, shipping and delivering flowers.

Rainbow Flowers is a privately owned business that thrives on customer satisfaction. In fact, some of our customers have been with us from the company’s beginning and still have standing orders with us. We even have customers who have passed down their standing orders to their children who now run their floral business. That’s why we like to say our customer satisfaction lasts for generations!

How We Sell

(Call for pricing)


¼ Boxes Packed 75
¼ Boxes Packed 100
¼ Boxes Packed 125
½ Boxes Packed 125
½ Boxes Packed 150
½ Boxes Packed 175
½ Boxes Packed 200

Spray Roses

¼ 60cm Boxes Packed 70
¼ 50cm Boxes Packed 80
¼ 40/50cm Boxes Packed 100
¼ 40cm Packed 120
½ 60/70cm Boxes Packed 140
½ 50cm Boxes Packed 160
½ 40cm Boxes Packed 200


¼ Boxes 2-3 Bloom Boxes Packed 8
¼ Boxes 4-5 Bloom Packed 6

Custom packs vary


Rainbow Flower Imports is a premier source for exceptional fresh cut flowers, while carrying all popular varieties, as well as rare beauties. Each selection must meet our rigorous standards for quality, whether it’s a delicate pink Sweet Escimo for weddings or a large bi-color Coffee Break for a unique ambiance. When you expect and desire the best, Rainbow Flowers Imports stands above the rest!

Red Roses * Pink Roses * White & Cream Roses * Lavender & Green Roses * Yellow & Orange Roses * Peach & Salmon Roses * Bi-Color & Novelty Roses * Tinted Roses * Garden Roses
Spray Roses * Lilies * Focals * Fillers * Calla * Holland Products



Anne’s Flowers * Arbusta * Aussie Direct * Denmar * Ecuanrose * Florecal * Fleurametz  Gallica * Greenrose * EZ Rose * Agronatura * Hosa International * La Rosaleda


A. Perri Farms Inc. * Baisch & Skinner Wholesale * Bill Doran Company Wholesale
Canton Wholesale Floral * The Cleveland Plant & Flower Company * DWF Wholesale
Fleurametz Nederland * Florist Distributing Inc. * Greenleaf Wholesale Florists
Kennicott Brothers Company *  Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist * L & G Wholesale
Louisiana Wholesale Florists * Nordlie * Mayesh Wholesale Florist * Mears Floral
Pennock Company * Pike’s Peak of Texas * Reeves * River Valley Floral * R.J. Carbone
R.J. Claprood * Rojahn & Malaney * The Roy Houff Company * Stevens & Son Wholesale
Valley Floral Company * Zieger & Sons Inc.


1. Can we special order certain varieties in mixed boxes for Sprays and Regular Roses?

Yes, we can customize pack directly at farm level, in order to keep stem count to minimal!We can also offer Lilies and Fillers in solid or mixed boxes.

2. How many days advance notice do we need to order special varieties or mixed boxes?

We can have your box customized pack and to you within 4 days, while having flights scheduled 7 days a week!

3. Can we air deliver shipments by using selected Airlines or Federal Express?

Yes. We also have a Direct Selling Program straight out of Ecuador & Colombia , for those wholesalers who have their own flights or need to fly on our Airway Bill.

4. What high quality farms do we directly import from in South America?

We import directly from the following farms; Annes Flowers, Arbusta, Denmar, Green Rose, HOSA, Flores Verdes, Florecal, Ecuan Roses, Gallica, La Rosaleda, Valleflor.